We provide industry-specific inspection modules with
AI-based automation & AR-enabled collaboration

Motor Insurance

We help insurers accelerate the claims process and experience better productivity

Our visual intelligence solutions help to automate various stages in the claims lifecycle such as Claims automation, First notice of loss, Renewal during Break-in policy. Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision based damage detection helps to process images faster with an advanced level of accuracy.
AI systems can analyze accident images to identify repair costs on a real-time basis.
Insurers can experience better productivity by implementing TRUEINSPECT in insurance claims processing and managing manual time for important tasks.


OEM's and Body Shops

Our AI powered Inspection solution helps to automate OEM's Pre-delivery Inspections and service center's aftermarket inspection.TrueInspect's vehicle condition report helps the Dealer to access the condition of the car at any given stage and thus creates customer transparency and customer confidence.

Car Resellers

Our solution helps the Used car ecosystem to visualize and access the condition of the car within seconds, which boosts the reseller's remarketing efforts.Auto lenders, dealers, and car buyers turn to next-gen inspection technology to detect fraud and better understand the health of second-hand vehicles.

Car Rentals

We help transform the Inspection process for Car Rentals by providing automated comparison reports between the departure and arrival of a rental car which will allow the process to be Accurate and Transparent.


Fleet management involves maintaining the state of the fleet including recurring Inspection processes. With Deep technology this repetitive process can be simplified just by Capturing images. AI assesses the defect, severity,and the extent of damage with the help of a real time AI report.


Automating Visual Inspection in Quality Control processes

Manufacturers leverage TrueInspect's AI technology to identify potential downtime and accidents by analyzing the data. AI systems help manufacturers forecast when or if functional equipment will fail so its maintenance and repair can be scheduled before the failure occurs.